While losing pounds and getting the ideal body is great, it is not the end. May you remain forever strong and healty. May your knees be stable and pain free, and you back capable to taking any load. This is our wish for you,

it is also our promise. 


Keep things simple.

Do the common, uncommonly well, quality trumps quantity.

Strength is the primary quality of life, the foundation.

Get strong first, the rest will follow.

Move well, move often, eat right, practice gratitude, and smile.

Above all, enjoy the process.


Cross Fit Class

Mon - Wed - Fri

6:30 | 7:30 am | 8:30 am

6:00 pm | 7:00 pm

Tue - Thu

7:30 am

Strength and Conditioning

Movement is the foundation of life. Everything else builds upon it. We will get you moving well, and strong, and then build work capacity on top of that.

Kids Running

Tuesday & Thursday

6:00 pm

Unafraid: Fitness for kids

We set the foundation at a young age. Build the right posture habits, build strength (push ups, pull ups, planks, squats, and more, teach the right way to move. For kids 10 and above.

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CrossFit Exercises


8:00 am

at Westside Cricket Ground


Tyres, battle ropes, sledge hammers, kettlebells. Learn to move fast, carry, drag, and push heavy things,  and go on, and on. Need I say more?

Coming soon

Uncommon Strength

A class to challenge you like nothing else. Pick an unreasonable goal, attain it. Repeat. Get strong in spirit, mind, and body in the process.

Practicing Yoga

Coming soon

Yoga for Rejuvenation

For every yin, there is a yang. And so balance is maintained in the Universe. So it must be with training. Our yoga classes are specially designed to support your strength goals, make you move better, and come out stronger.

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By appointment

Functional Movement Screen Evaluation

FMS is a 30 minute set of seven tests to establish movement quality baseline. This provides clear plan to start moving better.