Training at its simplest - A Single Kettlebell Push/Pull Routine

You like to train every day? Or maybe 4 days a week? Or even if your week is looking unpredictable, this routine will keep you going. Designed to burn fat and get you stronger at the same time in 20 minutes per session. The routine is broken down into a PUSH session (Workout A) and PULL Session (Workout B). Alternate between the two. The best part is, you can do this every day, just keep alternating between the two sessions and keep posting your results.


It consists of only 3 exercises to be performed one after the other.

Rep scheme depends on how many presses you can do with the weight you have.

  • If you can do 3-6 presses with given weight - perform a ladder of (1,2) reps and work up to a ladder of (1,2,3)

  • If you can do 7-8 presses with given weight - perform a ladder of (2,4) and work up to (3,5)

  • If you can do around 10 presses with given weight - perform ladder of (2,3,5) or (4,6)

A1. Cheat clean and press or Clean and Press

A2. Racked Squat

A3: Push ups - use the same rep scheme for push ups as well on day 1. If it feels too easy, increase the difficulty by using any of the following options:

  • Add a band to increase resistance

  • Perform explosive or plyometric push ups

  • Stick to 5 reps

  • Perform double the number of presses

You can perform it a complex:

For a (1,2) ladder, you will perform these as follows:

  • Pick the bell in your left hand (right for lefties), clean it up and perform 1 press

  • Rack the bell and perform 1 racked squat

  • Put the bell down

  • Then perform the same with your right hand (left for lefties).

  • Put the bell down

  • Perform two cleans and presses with the right (or left) hand

  • Rack it and perform 2 racked squats on the right (or left)

  • Put the bell down and rest as required. Use the conversation test - when you can talk properly (or whistle a tune), Start with round 2. Continue for 20 minutes, and track the number of rounds you performed in 20 minutes.


A1. 1-Hand Swing 5-10x or 2 Hand Swing 10x

A2: 1-Arm Row 5x

A3: 1-Arm 1-Leg Deadlift 5x

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