Born Infinite 2020

At Born Infinite, we are constantly striving to bring new, exciting, fun, and most importantly effective ways to improve your fitness. In our continuing efforts we are proud to announce some new products for Born Infinite.

Uncommon strength and conditioning classes: Life is unpredictable, and we should train in different (but similar) ways to prepare for what might come our way. For this, we will introduce uncommon strength, conditioning, and speed classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These classes will take place at the Westside Cricket Ground. The focus will be on developing speed and strength-endurance. Drills to instill the correct running form, develop speed and agility, and strength endurance using equipment like battle-ropes, tractor tyres, strength bags, agility ladders, hurdles, medicine balls, to name a few. We will engage in activities not possible at our current indoor facility.

Yoga for Strength and Regeneration: With so much work, we need to ensure our bodies are regenerating and recovering fully. Yoga for Strength is specially designed for strength athletes. To ensure proper movement and alignment and focus on getting the required flexibility from the muscles and not the ligaments. With these classes, you will recover better and come back stronger for your strength sessions.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS): FMS is a way to evaluate movement degree and quality. Many of the top teams from the NBA, NFL, and even college teams (NCAA) use FMS to evaluate the movement quality of their athletes. In the US, a FMS evaluation by a certified trainer costs around 200 USD. We bring this benefit to all our Born Infinite athletes for FREE! Yes, that's right! As long as you enroll in a 3 month program or have been with us for at least 3 months.

Born Infinite Sunday Morning Gamedays: Sport is a way for families and communities to

come together. And playing a sport is the simplest and best test of your own functional strength. Above all, playing a sport brings out the child in us, and keeps us young. We firmly believe Sunday mornings are sacred family time, so these classes are open to families of Born Infinite members. So Sunday Morning Gamedays will include various sports and games, from touch Rugby, to Flag American Football, Ultimate Frisbee, to traditional games like tag, etc. to test our fitness and come together to have fun as a close--knit community. We will experiment with this format and hopefully grow this based on your response.

We hope you are as excited about these new offerings as we are about bringing them to you. As we increase the number of offerings, we will be offering you complete freedom to choose the classes you want. So we will move to a per class billing system as opposed to a monthly / quarterly billing cycle. Details of that will be available shortly.

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