Yoga for Strength by Born Infinite

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Born Infinite is excited to bring to you Yoga for Strength by Tanisha. Yoga for Strength is an integrated approach that uses yoga for alignment and range of motion combined with focus on breathing and mindfulness to help you perform at your peak. It perfectly complements your kettlebell strength training to help you move better, easier and with more power. One or two classes of Yoga Strength per week are also perfect to help you recover from tough kettlebell workouts. These can be used in addition to your current strength training regime to help heal from injuries, recover your alignment, and reclaim lost mobility faster. Or you can do these classes just for the yoga, move better and stronger than you ever thought possible.

The best part of the class is the teacher, Tanisha. Tanisha has been a student of yoga and strength for over 7 years. She quit her corporate life to pursue her passion for teaching fitness and making people do things they never thought possible. She herself has proven her doctors wrong by training and healing herself from injuries Along the way she became an astute student of yoga and then a practitioner. She certified as yoga teacher with certifications from Akshar Power Yoga and World Yoga Organisation in 2017. Along with this, she is also a Student of Strength with Strong First, training to be certified in kettlebell (SFG) and barbell (SFL) instruction. Strong First believes strength is the primary quality, one that enhances all the other qualities. She combines her philosophies on strength and yoga so the integrate beautifully and seamlessly to create a better you.

Come join this hour-long class and practice the qualities of mindfulness and relaxation, creating strength in alignment, and building a stronger, simpler, healthier you.

Classes every Tuesday and Thursday at Prestige Shantiniketan.

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