Standards of strength

The Born Infinite Standards of strength.

The idle pursuit of any endeavor remains just that, idle. We run and end up reaching nowhere or worse, back where we started. Born Infinite is dedicated to the pursuit of three things for all our students:

  • Health above all

  • Movement as the foundation

  • Strength as the ultimate expression of ourselves

Health - Health is cornerstone of our lives. It is what makes the pursuit of everything else possible. Without health life is incomplete. For us to accomplish our goals in life, or to live a complete life, we need health of body, mind, and of spirit. Loss of health in any one leads to a loss of quality of life. The pursuit of health requires the right lifestyle, knowledge, and ability to execute. In the area, our goal is to share our learnings so everyone is able to lead and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Movement - movement is life. We need movement to fully express ourselves. It is also the foundation of long term health of our joints. Inability to move through the entire range of motion leads to loss of strength and function. So in our hierarchy, movement and movement quality is the base layer for Strength. For movement standards, we will be using the Functional Movement Screen (covered separately).

The ability to move fully and without pain is our ultimate goal, along with having the requisite strength to perform major tasks. But pain

Strength - is the ultimate expression of ourselves. To be strong, healthy, and able to move is our desire for everyone until it is time for us to leave this wonderful body. But strength is subjective, and as such the pursuit of strength requires some standards. With this in mind, we have devised the Born Infinite Standards of Strength. The standards are meant to provide an continuing goal in your training. Our hope is they will inspire you to push yourself both physically, and mentally to learn about the process of training to attain those goals and understand your own capacity better. And also know that every limit you encounter is really another start line in disguise.

The standards are of course separate but similar for Ladies and Gentlemen. These are heavily influenced by StrongFirst but they are not limited to them. For both, we have three levels:

  • Level 1 is fairly easily accomplished by just putting your mind to it and a decently designed and executed training program. It is almost a bare minimum that we feel everyone under the age of 50 should be able to perform. Attaining level 1 means you will have the requisite strength and more for most of what life demands. And some more in reserve. Maintaining this level of strength will enjoy plenty of sessions in the park with your grand kids.

  • Level 2 is tougher and will require focused training. It will require some commitment from you but the rewards will be well worth it.

  • Level 3 is close to base levels of elite athletic strength and conditioning. For teens and serious athletes, this level is a prerequisite for a long and healthy career. As such, we would want every athlete to the age of 21 to be able to attain at least close to these standards.

Standards of strength - gentlemen

Standards of strength - Ladies

No one standard is more important than the others really. However, together the standards offer a good picture of your current fitness levels, and what you need to work on to create a healthy, well-balanced body.

Please leave a comment giving your views on the standards. Do these inspire you to be better and push yourself? Or do these scare you? And definitely let me know if these discourage you from training. Fear invariably, shows us the way.

Our hope is the standards inspire you to push yourself, but most importantly provide a guiding path to your goal. The standards are designed to be evolutionary,

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