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Updated: Jan 19, 2020

For Strong Children, ready to take on any challenge in life.

Below are details as to what you can expect from the program.

The program consists of two parts, physical strength and conditioning classes and mental strength workshops. Both are designed to be independent of each other and yet feed into each other. We will be reinforcing mental strength concepts in the physical strength and conditioning classes, and using examples from the physical classes to illustrate concepts for mental strength. While the child can attend just one, attending both will provide a much deeper understanding of the concepts.

Physical strength and conditioning:

The program will consist of 3 classes per week on physical strength and conditioning and one movement class. Class details are as follows:

Strength and conditioning

Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Timings: Two batches - 8:30 to 9:30 am and 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

In these classes, we will teach full body strength and conditioning. We will work on the following:

Getting stronger strength training, the right ways to heavy objects, how to jump and land, throwing objects, reaction, flexibility and mobility, and also training them for stamina.

You can expect the following within a few weeks:

Better posture - we will remove their hunches and get them to stand straight

  • More strength - they will be stronger. Our goal is that in the two months, the child should be able to perform at least one chin-up and 5 push-ups, in addition to learning the right way of squatting and jumping.

  • Better power expression - Power is the expression of strength. It is the critical attribute of athletic performance. It is expressed in the ability to throw and jump. Your child will become not just strong but also be able to express that strength as power on the field.

  • Better mobility - Unfortunately, years of sitting have made our children very tight and stiff. In many cases, this is akin to driving your car with the parking brake on. We will open up their joints for the critical movements.

  • Better coordination and reaction - athletic performance requires the ability to move quickly and accurately and also react to events on the field.

  • Better stamina and endurance - Not only will the child be able to run faster, but they will also be able to do so repeatedly.

  • Other qualities include balance, symmetry in strength and movement

All in all, we will lay the foundation of a long and healthy athletic career.


Days: Tuesday

Timings: Two batches 1) 8:30 am to 9:30 am 2. 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm


These classes will be about movement, that is, the right way to run, sprint, and more importantly, stop and change directions. We will teach them:

  • How to accelerate and decelerate quickly

  • Quickly change direction

  • Reduce chances of injury

  • Agility and quickness

In other words, the hallmark of athletic performance.

Regeneration -

Life is about balance. We must learn to recover and take down time to improve our performance on the field. Once every two weeks, we will replace the movement session with a regeneration session. In this session, we will teach the child about the right way to breath, focus on stretching and working through any specific restrictions they have developed over the years. This will go a long way in extending their athletic careers.

Mental Strength

Timings: Saturday or Thursday - 10 am to 1 pm

These will be interactive workshops. The topic for each workshop will be shared ahead of time. Some of the topics are:

  • Understanding and owning your emotions - this workshop will focus on teaching the children about what they feel and why they feel it. We will provide them the tools to build a better and more confident self-image, choose their emotions and what they let affect them. Direct applications will be how to calm down before an exam or perform with the game on the line.

  • Goal setting: the workshop will focus on understanding setting and pursuing goals that are important to them. One of the most important life-lessons we have learned is that time flies. In this workshop we will share the same with the children so they are not looking at their lives one year at a time, but setting a goal over a few years and attaining the goal. This will build grit and discipline and set them up for long term success in any field.

  • Developing self-confidence and self-belief: One constant companion we all have is the voice in our head. The voice can be that of the critic, or that of a cheerleader. In this workshop, the child will learn to discern between the two, learn how to shut the critic up, and perform at their best.

  • Mastering fear: Fear is the tool of champions. Every champion knows fear, and knows how to channel it to power her performance. This workshop will teach our children how to do just that. How to recognize fear, stop it in its tracks, and replace it with strength.

Fees and payment details:

Based on feedback received we understand that this is a summer break for the children and as such, travel out of town is an essential part of the break. So we are pleased to bring to you two different packages:

4 weeks package:

Will run 4 calendar weeks from the date of first class attended.

Fitness alone: INR 3490 (4 S&C and movement classes per week)

Mental strength alone: INR 2490 (One weekly mental strength workshop)

Both physical and mental strength package: INR 4990


  • S&C classes: 12 classes for 2,990 INR. You can choose to attend any of the classes at the given times by registering ahead of time. All 12 classes must be completed in an 8 week period. If more classes are required, they can purchased at the same rate.

  • Mental strength classes: Each class will be INR 690 to be paid in advance.


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