#UNAFRAID: Leadership through fitness

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First of it's kind Summer Camp at PSN to teach our kids about strength and becoming leaders.

"It is the responsibility of the STRONG to protect the WEAK, while giving the ultimate respect to all living beings" - Dan John

At Born Infinite we believe Strength is the primary quality of life. And we know most of us are way stronger than we think, and definitely more than we know.

  • Strength is a skill.

  • Strength is a choice.

  • Strength is beyond physical fitness.

  • Strength is the foundation of life.

"Strength is life, weakness is death" - Swami Vivekanada

Born Infinite presents a program especially for young boys and girls aged 11-16 years to build strength of body, mind, and spirit.

The program will not just teach physical strength, but also build mental strength and better equip them for the challenges of life. The program will be 5 days a week, with 3-4 days of strength training and conditioning. And a two hour weekly workshop to build essential skills for success in life, including but not limited to the following:

  • Goal setting

  • Understanding fear and emotions

  • The importance of and dealing with failure

  • Self-expression

About the Team:

Our coaches are highly qualified and experts in various fields. The team is led by Amitoj Likhari, a certified Strength Coach and qualified sport psychologist with MS in sport psychology from University of Florida, USA. Amitoj has over 20 years of experience in competitive sports, over 10 years in strength training and coaching various sports, and 12 years of experience in the corporate world.


Physical strength (Strength and conditioning) classes alone: 3500 per month

Mental strength classes alone: 2500

Physical + Mental strength: 5000

For details please contact Amitoj at 77022-55961

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