Eat Clean Week 1: Hydrate, Detox, and Set the foundation

Hi All, today we start a new journey to help you to start cleaning up your eating habits. Food is remarkable, both in how it affects us emotionally, physically, and yes, mentally. As you all know, I am a fan of making small but sustainable changes, and measuring the results, so you know exactly what works for you, and what does not. So, over the next several weeks, I will send out small changes you can start making to your nutrition lifestyle. The BI team will also share the best research I can get my hands on backed by scientific method.

For Week 1, our goal is to focus on drinking adequate water, start with an easy detox, and set the foundation of clean eating.

1. Hydration: Our bodies are almost 70% water. Since we are creatures of the Earth, it is no accident that our bodies show the same composition as the planet we live on. Invariably, we don't drink enough water. This results in the body retaining water. Think the difference between a river and a pond. As the body retains water, it starts accumulating toxins and other unfavorable elements. Water cleanses and nourishes. For this week, grab a one liter bottle, and drink at least 30-60 ml water per kg of body weight. So if you weigh 60 kg, you should be drinking between 1.8 and 3.6L. Aim for the higher number, so about 3L.


  • You will feel fresher and more awake. Especially in your skin tone and eyes

  • You will not feel the need for coffee, tea, etc.

  • You will be more sensitive to your hunger pangs

Please Note

Too much water too quickly can be dangerous for the body, it can lead to a state called hyponatremia, decreased concentration of sodium in the body. Sodium is required for the muscles to contract. So add a pinch of salt to your water bottle. My favorite is to put a tsp of lemon juice or some freshly squeezed lime/lemon to the water. When consumed before meals, this has the additional benefit of regulating insulin in your body.

2. Detox: This is simple, with barley water. For best results, soak 2 Tsp of barley in 400 ml of water overnight, although can work without soaking as well. In the morning, boil to reduce water to about 250 ml. Strain and drink hot. It is actually a delicious beverage. Best to have it on empty stomach, first thing in the morning.


  • Barley naturally helps get rid of water retention, has a cooling effect on the stomach, and detoxes naturally. Coupled with your hydration, you will start to feel lighter.

  • Your body will start to eliminate the excess water it has stored and you will start to shed the excess water weight. Weigh yourself regularly.

  • Additional Benefit

  • You can make a delicious snack from the boiled barley as well

3. Set the foundation : When we grew up, food was simpler. We ate local, natural, and seasonal. The buzzwords of nutrition today is what we did naturally. Then food consumerism came in. So a simple rule. Eat whole unprocessed foods and don't eat anything out of packets.

The 80/100 rule Life is unpredictable. That's what makes it fun. There might be times we miss our targets, but as a general rule, aim to hit 80% your targets 100% of the time. We will be continuing with our weekly BCA to track progress.

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