7 Reasons To Train With Us

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

1. Undo the damage of the years of sitting, bad posture, and incorrect movement

Sitting is worse than smoking. Research shows smoking a single cigarette reduces life expectancy by 11 minutes. By contrast, an hour of sitting reduces it by almost 22 minutes. Now think of how much we sit through the day - for breakfast, for our morning commute, at work, for lunch, for evening commute, for dinner. Any given day, we spend 8-12 hours sitting down. Worst part is that sitting effects our kids much more than us. Here are some of the effects of sitting:

  • Weak glutes - Sitting inhibits our most powerful muscle group, the glutes. This in turn is the cause of bad posture, weak core, and back pain. To make matters worse,  glutes play a major role in stabilizing the knee. Weak glutes are one of the main reasons for wearing out of the knee, leading to knee replacement surgery

  • Tight hip flexors - Hip flexors are counter to the glutes, and having tight hip flexors is like driving your car with the parking brake on. It will not only rob you of performance, but will also wear you out much faster.

  • Hunched over posture, tight upper back, and painful shoulders - When we sit, we don't sit with the right posture, we end up hunching over. The problem is exacerbated by our mobile phones. Resulting in a hunched over position, resembling more the hunch back of Notre Dame than an upright human. It also results in neck and jaw pain. Our training specifically addresses and reverses this. Doing so also puts the shoulder in a compromised position. If you have shoulder and neck pain, most likely the cause is your upper back.

  • Suffocation - You simply cannot take a full deep breath while sitting on a chair. Sitting does not let the diaphragm expand. This results in shallow breathing, which in turn causes higher stress levels.

Our training not only addresses each of these problem areas in the right order, but we also ensure that you learn and understand about your body. Our goal is not the immediate weight loss, although fat loss will happen, but our goal is you are able to dance at your kid's wedding and chase your grand kids around the park.

2. Personalized functional training in a group

Fitness is defined as the ability to perform a task. We believe that task is life. All our training is functional, which means everything you do in the gym will get you stronger and better at life. You will learn the right way to move, run, pick and lift things, jump and just about everything else. And what's more, you will feel better after each session.

We train in small groups, under the watchful eyes of the coaches. Our workouts are training sessions, designed to achieve specific goals. And the sessions are tailored for the individuals in the group.

3. Build a foundation of strength

Strength is the capacity of an object to withstand great load.

Kettlebell strength

We strongly follow the philosophy of Strong First, established by Pavel Tsatsouline. Strength is the primary quality of life. It is not the only quality for sure, but it is the one that makes everything else better.  Think of strength as the size of the container. Simply increasing the size of the container will make you better at everything else, and also allow you to do a lot more. For this reason, we have very high standards of strength, that challenge us as coaches, and you as the athlete. Ladies train to complete at least 3 strict pull ups, and gentlemen for 6. We train with kettlebells, and our goal is to get our ladies to train with a 16 kg KB and for gentlemen to train with a 24 kg. Of course, we start as light as required.

We build strength the right way, removing incorrect patterns and replacing them with the right ones, and making you stronger in the new position and posture. This ensures you remain stronger for significantly long time.

4. Unlock your athletic potential

Train with us, and you will run better, learn how to jump the right way, while protecting your joints, develop power quickly, and most importantly, remain calm under stress. All are the attributes of great athletic performance. We promise that you will be amazed by what you can achieve.

5. Kettlebells

Kettlebell is a Russian invention and has withstood the test of time.  A kettlebell looks like a cannon ball with a handle attached to it. Training with kettlebells is very different than training with barbells or dumbbells. A kettlebell will force you to get into the right position and posture, will activate the stabilizers, and will build both strength and stamina.

Research has shown that kettlebell training as the ultimate fat loss tool. You can burn up to 20 calories a minute with the kettlebell swing, and you never really get used to it.

6. Fun group environment

Good friends are hard to come by, as are places where we can just be ourselves. So we strive to create an environment of support and fun. In the same group, we will have athletes of all fitness levels, with each athlete pushing others and themselves to do better. You will make friends for life.

7. Free demo week

While we have tried to explain what we do as well as we can here, it is really something to be experienced. So we offer a free demo week. Come in for an assessment and try out our classes for free with no obligation for a full week. We are convinced that there shall be no going back for you after that.

Please book your session today!

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