The Simple Kettlebell Challenge for women

Kettlebell swings and the Turkish get up constitute the simplest program to build overall strength and conditioning. Based on the premise that a little every day goes a long way, and definitely a lot farther than doing a lot every once in a while. The challenge itself is simple:

- 5 rounds of kettlebell swings - goal weight is 24 kg for one arm swings for a total of 100 swings in under 5 minutes.

- rest for 1 minute

- 5 TGUs with each arm alternating in 10 minutes for a total of 10 TGUs.

In this case, we train for the goal using the goal itself, changing variables every now and then.

What you can expect:

- A stronger core and back

- Great glutes

- Bulletproof shoulders

- Extraordinary conditioning

- A vice like grip

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