“Don’t wait for the world to recognize your greatness. Live it and let the world catch up to you.” – Muhammad Ali

It will help you uncover your greatness as an athlete regardless of your sport. Athletes don’t workout, they train. Set a goal and get down to attaining it, bit by bit. Citius, Altius, Fortius is the motto for the Olympic games, Latin for Faster, Higher, Stronger. It also sets the basis for excellence in sport and provides the blueprint for training for athletic excellence. Our head coach is a former national level basketball player, who has trained in India and the US. He also holds a Masters degree in Sport Psychology from the University of Florida, USA. And if that is not all, he has also coached basketball, cricket, and volleyball in India and the US. The program shares some hard-earned lessons from experience over a 20 year athletic career. 

Designed specifically for athletes by an athlete, the program includes 3 sessions of strength and conditioning a week, plus a monthly interactive mental strength workshop covering topics like enhancing self-confidence, increasing focus and attention, goal-setting, preparing for competition, etc. We will make you stronger, faster, quicker, more injury resistant, and just better at your sport. 

Don’t believe us? Try our program for three weeks. 

Uncover your athletic greatness