Strength and Conditioning

The secret to an uncommon life is in doing the common uncommonly well.


Do the little things right, and keep doing them, every day, day after day. Your life is an epic, waiting for you to script it. This program is designed to bring the legend out in you. Using only the basics, you will get strong and lean, and keep improving a little bit every day. It ends in a massive challenge where your legend will be forged. Be warned, it is not a quick and done program, but lays the foundation for the rest of your life.We will systematically challenge your limits and help you set new ones. In 12 weeks, you will be stronger, leaner, look better and feel great. 

With Strength and Conditioning, our goal is to provide general physical preparedness or GPP. So you are ready for whatever life may throw at you. Be it just playing with your kids or grand kids, or going for a hike on the highest mountains in India. GPP is the foundation of life, no matter whether you're a couch potato, or a weekend warrior, GPP challenges limits you have set for yourself and delivers a strength, stamina, mobility, endurance. The promise is we will lay solid foundation for an invincible you.

We believe training should be goal oriented. So after a month of classes, you will have to pick a challenge from the list below that you want to complete through your training. Through these challenges, you will be able to better gauge your fitness levels, and understand what you are really made of.

Suited for: All fitness levels, men and women

Expected results: All around fitness, become "harder to kill". Leaner, stronger, more muscle, better mobility

Typical duration: 12 weeks, 3 days a week

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We use StrongFirst principles to get you strong and moving better. Lift heavy stuff, and generally get strong in this class with kettlebells and suspension trainers.
Strength and Conditioning
Strength and Conditioning